Sometimes we need to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life, to reconnect with one another. Don’t let the cost of a family vacation or weekend getaway keep you house bound. With XpressPay you can turn the cost of your vacation into affordable monthly payments so you can focus more on making memories, and less on your money.

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Pre-authorized payments, based on your chosen repayment schedule, will be set up through your chequing account at your current financial institution.

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Calculator is for illustration purposes only using a rate of 8.99%. Final payment amounts may vary. Interest rates and loan terms are subject to your personal credit score, the transaction amount, and the specific financing plans offered by your Merchant. Some conditions apply. Transactions are subject to approval through Omnia Direct.

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Instant approvals

Affordable payments

No early repayment penalty fees


Lower rates than most credit cards

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